Potato Eater

Potato Eater 1 – Starting at the source

On the agricultural fields, surrounded by farmers and their machines, Boerstra bakes his first fries in hot oil on a gas stove. Local farmers come by for lunch to eat their own harvest.

Potato Eater 2 – Another landscape
In one of the last unspoiled nature reserves in Northern Europe, in his small wooden fry shack, Boerstra is waiting for customers.
Near the coast a ship anchores. A little boat comes to shore, the rower orders eight portions of fries for his crew.

Potato Eater 3 – Antarctic Potato Eater
Taking a fry shack to the end of the world.

Kicking off 'Antarctic Potato Eater' in 2016 starts a tumultuous series of adventures, publicity and reactions. The world is shaken up and sometimes panicking by the idea of having a fry shack at the South Pole.