Secret Oak

Secret Oak

Fraeylemaborg Slochteren

© Eddy Reynecke Photography

Intentional Statement Secret Oak

Secret Oak is an initiative questioning the scientific superiority of humanity, considering the inability of man to stop the proces of destructing itself.
There is room for doubt and intuition, for sentiment and the unknown. The assumption that every appearance is part of nature, is a basic principle to start from. As nature being the basis of all. Nature with the Oak as the universal sign and symbol of life, a tree being able to overgrow different generations, capable of waiting, possessing the gift of patience.
Secret Oak focuses on the relationship between the past, the present and the future, and takes interest in reflecting on life in all possible ways and disciplines. The central goal is to organize and share knowledge to renew our contact with nature.

Adrianus van Eyck – Founder of Secret Oak

Adrianus van Eyck gathers people with ideas and interest in the bigger thing. The bigger thing defined by the ever changing life, reality and surroundings. The comprehensive approach in which people discover the necessity to redefine and to transform. He invites us to sit down and share experience and thoughts, powered by the strenght, wisdom and silence of the two hundred years old Oak tree.