Boerstra Publishing

Several in-house published books, magazines and project websites:

Camera Batavia Magazine
Background information on the development of Camera Batavia.
Published 2017
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Antarctic Potato Eater Magazine No. 1 and 2
Different editions merged in one magazine.
Published 2016/2017
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Grave-mound 1981/2002
ISBN/EAN: 978-90-816430-0-9 NUR: 640
An image report of a boys adventure. With dia slides taken on and inside the burial mound.
Published 2014
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Arjen Boerstra – waarnemingen en gebeurtenissen observations and events
ISBN/EAN 978-90-816430-1-6 NUR 640
A sixteen metres long leporello and a dvd in a box, with an overview of fifteen years of work, created between 1996 and 2011.
With project photographs, video works and essays from Margot Slomp (art historian), Rients Kooistra (writer/publicist) and Nico Gerbenzon (artist/teacher).
Published 2011

Websites for various projects:

Camera Batavia
A project to perceive space in a different way

Antarctic Potato Eater
Taking a fry stand to Antarctica

Boerstra Engineering
Engineering projects