Potato Eater 2

2007 – Another landscape

For the Dutch Wadden Sea island Terschelling, I came up with a plan to put the fry shack at the end of the island, where seals and birds are the only inhabitants of a pure and almost deserted part of nature.

I remember I felt quite lost when the art director of the Oerol festival dropped me off at Paal 3, a location which is a one hour walk from the habited world. I checked my phone but there was no connection whatsoever.

I was alone, except for a few hikers wandering around in their beloved landscape, suddenly smelling fresh baked fries. Like a fata morgana they discovered the fry shack.
Some were angry at me for disturbing the environment, and were afraid that I might have obtained a licence for permanent commercial activities at this place.
Others were grateful, remembering the flavoured mixture of sea air and fries with salt and mayonnaise.

One day, a ship sailed along and anchored a few hundred metres from the coast. A little boat came out, I walked to the shoreline to see what was going on. Coming to shore, the man in the boat ordered fries for eight persons…