About Camera Batavia

In the project Camera Batavia the landscape is compressed to a total experience. You are able to observe just like an insect in all directions at the same time. Arjen Boerstra creates confusing and new adventures from a unique point of view.

Within the context of Sense of Place this research will result in a tower that will have a permanent position at the coast of the Waddensea near Ternaard.

Promo movie for the permanent tower in Ternaard in the Netherlands.

Below you'll find the previous towers to research the principle of Camera Batavia:

2015 - First research tower

The first research tower Camera Batavia was on show at the Oerol festival 2015 on Terschelling (The Netherlands), at one of the highest points of this island called the Seinpaalduin.

Image 1
Research tower Camera Batavia

2016 - Continuing in a dark space
In 2016 the research of Camera Batavia continues with the Camera Batavia - Dark Space in which the projection of the mirror ball is visible inside a dark one person space. The principle used here is comparable with that of the classic camera obscura.

Camera Batavia - Dark Space

On Oerol 2016 the mirror image of the Elvis Plak op Oosterend (East Terschelling) was projected in the dark space of the tower. The audience was individually invited to sit in the tower and afterwards while circling around the tower to talk about the perception and ideas of Camera Batavia.

A photograph of the projection in the tower, with the image of the mirror above the tower.

A video of the projection inside the tower.

A video of the project location at Oosterend, filmed with a mirror ball and a kite.


Camera Batavia is possible thanks to:

Sense of Place
Leeuwarden 2018
Boerstra Engineering
Provincie Friesland
Gemeente Noard East Fryslan
Wetterskip Fryslan

Sake Bosma - Craftsman on Terschelling
Interns: Monique ter Braak, Koen Linnenkoper, Patrick ter Borg and Oscar van der Laan.
Wim Warrink - Visual artist and assistant