About Arjen Boerstra

As a memory experiment and to relive old fascinations, I reconstructed the attic from my youth. Personal memories, looking back, (re)discovering and a growing interest in historical developments became the centre of my quest. I discovered the possibility to share my explorations and conclusions within staged situations. From this perspective I create my work.

Camera Batavia

Before I built kites from plastic bags and put a light bulb on them. I started making kites again, but now to lift a camera. In the aerial pictures and films my physical appearance always had a central position. I started using this aspect in new adventures, first playing the leading role as myself, but afterwards using other appearances. These alter egos look like me and represent what I maybe could have become. Being distant to myself I am able to look further, to make choices in a different way or to do things I normally wouldn't dare.

Arjen Boerstra