Taking a fry shack to Antarctica

The journey so far:

Kicking off the project in 2016 started a tumultuous series of adventures, publicity and reactions. Flabbergasted by the way an  idea can influence the way people think about environment and their surroundings, we quietly work on to realize the trip to bake some fries at the end of the world.

How it started:
There it was, it’s chimney sticking out from behind other crafts I made. My homebuilt personal fry shack. What adventures we had, what odd encounters took place. We joked: “Our next location will be Antarctica.”

A joke. But one that got stuck in my mind. Wouldn’t it be the ultimate consequence after my first Potato Eater projects? A fry shack in utmost desolation? At the least obvious place to make fries? Imagine that smell in the cold, crisp air of the Antarctic! Standing there, on a glacier, looking from behind my counter and being alone at the end of the world. It could be sublime!

The curiosity won. So now I’m in my work place making wooden skis for the fry shack, wondering what oil to use at minus 30 degrees. It seems a quest has begun.

Arjen Boerstra – August 2016